Peer-to-peer P2P Marketplace Trust Article

The Importance of Trust for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplaces

Compared to other businesses, it can be more challenging for P2P platforms to establish that trust as there are more forces outside of the operator's control.

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estate sales sharing economy rentals

Estate Sales in the Sharing Economy – Estate Rentals

Estate sales have always been a way to liquidate all assets from someone’s possession. However, in a sharing economy and through Rent items, better options now exist. Estate sellers can now offer clients better value and more unique service offerings.

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World Economic Forum what is next sharing economy

Video of the Week: World Economic Forum, What’s Next for the Sharing Economy?

The 'Sharing Economy' is a recurring item on the agenda of the World Economic Forum. Learn what is next for the sharing economy.

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how to rent your items with less risk

How to Rent Your Items with Less Risk

By far the #1 question we are asked by potential owners and renters, How do you make sure the items that are rented are kept in good condition? This article outlines the steps Rent Items is taking to answer this question well.

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Should I Rent My Items or Not Risk Reward Analysis

Should I Rent My Items or Not?

If you are concerned about something happening to your items such as getting damaged during a rental, a risk-reward analysis will help you think through what decision to make based on your risk tolerance in conjunction with your potential financial gain.

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Rent Items Audio of the week

Audio of the Week: An Economics Take on the Sharing Economy

NYU Stern professor Arun Sundararajan shares his thoughts on ‘crowd-based capitalism’ and democratization of opportunities, through the creation of millions of mini-entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy.

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paycheck to paycheck financial freedom

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you among the majority of Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck? Learn how Rent Items can help you combat this problem.

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CTO Tech Fireside Chat

Rent Items’ CTO Fireside Chat #1

Laurentiu Herbei is the CTO of Rent Items, Inc. In this fireside chat, we ask Laurentiu to reflect on the latest trends in the sharing economy from a technical perspective and discuss future opportunities for Rent Items to leverage the latest web and mobile technologies.

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Sharing Economy Conference Boston Northeastern University

Sharing Economy @ Northeastern University

The following are three major takeaways from the SHARE Conference at Northeastern University.

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US Bike Rentals

We All Own Too Much Stuff!

We all own too much stuff! We believe renting the items that we currently own and exist in the market is a more cost-efficient and effective way to live.

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