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Most Comprehensive List of Sharing Economy Articles

Access the most comprehensive list of sharing economy articles. If you are doing a research project or want to learn more about the P2P rental market.

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future of commerce robotics rentals

The Future of Commerce

The future of commerce is renting and sharing of goods and services. See how you can be engaging in the sharing economy as an individual and business by thinking about renting instead of just buying and selling.

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prepare natural disaster relief effort rent items

Natural Disaster Relief Efforts: How You Can Get Involved?

Natural disasters will continue to occur more frequently and with greater severity. Are you prepared for events such as a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, or flood? Get prepared and help people in other cities in need.

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how to market a new product

How to Market Your New Product? Rent It

Are you launching a new product? Let Rent Items help you get your new product in the market by renting and sharing it with others.

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Self-Storage Units Facility Ideas

Self-Storage Facilities Should Be Better Utilized

If a self-storage unit renter can generate an income with the items that are being stored at your facility, it will lead to better customer satisfaction and great customer retention.

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rent furniture sharing economy

Stay Home, and Rent Your Furniture

Are you are staying home because you are disabled, ill, retired, or taking care of your children? Renting your furniture is a great opportunity for you to consider to generate an income.

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baby boomers seniors furniture

Making an Income in Retirement Through Furniture Rentals

If you are over 65-years old and have accumulated a lot of furniture, you are probably starting to wonder what to do with all your stuff. Rent Items has the perfect solution for you to consider.

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used furniture rental boston chicago

A New Way to Share Used Furniture

Do you own an abundance of used furniture? If so, Rent Items, an innovative peer-to-peer mobile, and web-based furniture rental marketplace will help you put your furniture inventory to better and wider use.

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Peer-to-peer P2P Marketplace Trust Article

The Importance of Trust for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplaces

Compared to other businesses, it can be more challenging for P2P platforms to establish that trust as there are more forces outside of the operator's control.

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estate sales sharing economy rentals

Estate Sales in the Sharing Economy – Estate Rentals

Estate sales have always been a way to liquidate all assets from someone’s possession. However, in a sharing economy and through Rent items, better options now exist. Estate sellers can now offer clients better value and more unique service offerings.

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